From Our Farms To Your Homes

The Process Behind Delivering Our Box of Joy

Meticulous Harvesting & Processing

At Mango First, we harvest our mangoes along with the peduncle (stalk). The sap within the mango is allowed to naturally dry out. These are then meticulously placed in plastic crates and transported to our packhouses in our own vehicles.

All mangoes undergo a washing process to clean off the field dust and impurities. They are then kept in an enclosed space to build up natural heat and allowed to ripen naturally. Mangoes emit some ethylene during the ripening process. By encouraging that same ethylene to be re-absorbed, the ripening process is accelerated. Our mangoes ripen uniformly. Externally, they attain a classic golden yellow colour while internally, the mangoes attain maximum brix levels ensuring a sweet taste.

Careful Packaging

Once mangoes become semi-ripe, they are placed in a Styrofoam sleeve, which cushions the mangoes against each other. Each mango is thoroughly checked before placing inside our specially designed boxes. The space within the box is optimally used to minimise transport stress.

Trusted Shipping

At Mango First, we expect our shipping Partners to be as trustworthy as our brand. Hence, we ensure that our boxes are only transported through reputed and trusted shipping partners. We currently ship direct to consumers in India and export to the USA and UK. All export norms are met while shipping outside India.

As a thumb rule, if you order more quantities for the same delivery location, there are significant savings on courier costs.

We are currently offering our mangoes for delivery to most pin codes in India. For forthcoming seasons, we are striving to extend this service to the UK and USA.

The Perfect Gift - Delivered!

The careful synchronization from start to finish ensures that our mangoes are delivered to the door-step of you or your loved ones in perfect shape. For us at Mango First, the taste of an Indian Mango is considered as the epitome of sheer indulgence. And we hope to share that joy with the rest of the world.