Meticulous Harvesting & Processing

At Mango First, we harvest our mangoes along with the peduncle (stalk). The sap within the mango is allowed to naturally dry out. These are then meticulously placed in plastic crates and transported to our packhouses in our own vehicles.

All mangoes undergo a washing process to clean off the field dust and impurities. They are then kept in an enclosed space to build up natural heat and allowed to ripen naturally. Mangoes emit some ethylene during the ripening process. By encouraging that same ethylene to be re-absorbed, the ripening process is accelerated. Our mangoes ripen uniformly. Externally, they attain a classic golden yellow colour while internally, the mangoes attain maximum brix levels ensuring a sweet taste.

Organic Inputs Manufacture

We craft our own organic plant protection products and fertilizers, primarily using plant-based extracts verified for efficacy by our in-house R&D labs. Over 90% of our agricultural inputs are organic and self-manufactured, shared with the farming community through Kay Bee Bio-Organics Pvt Ltd.


Our five strategically located packhouses near major airports are built to international standards. Equipped with advanced technology, these facilities streamline our operations and ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards.

Own Fleet of Vehicles

We manage a fleet of over 50 vehicles equipped with GPS and temperature sensors for optimal transport conditions. This setup not only supports efficient farm produce procurement but also ensures refrigerated transportation to airports.

Self and Co-Farming

We ensure safe and smooth delivery across India, leveraging our robust logistics network and meticulous handling procedures to maintain the quality and freshness of our produce from farm to customer.

Pan-India Delivery

At Mango First, we enhance quality and ensure food safety through a mix of owned and leased farming operations. We extend our strict safety measures to our partner growers, practicing co-farming under the careful supervision of our dedicated agronomy team.